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CEO & Executive Chef

Malikah Carpenter


Konscious Foodie’s love for gourmet healthy eats has risen in popularity with the Washington metropolitan area. Konscious foodie CEO/ chef Malikah Carpenter, received her humble beginnings by joining her families vending company (Ital food for life). The family business made their mark in the community with innovative vegetarian cuisine in 1989. Further more expanding their offerings with their signature Lemon Marinated Jerk Sea Trout.

Malikah’s renaissance is bursting with a fresh modern spin of flavorful dishes. Konscious Foodie creates gourmet recipes that fuse wellness, flavor and soul. Chef Malikah crafts aromatic dishes using the finest quality ingredients. 

Her cooking classes are designed with a busy foodie in mind. Chef Malikah provides one on one or small groups settings for DIY (do it yourself) fresh meals. 

Premier private dining features personalized menus, decor and dining service. Make any occasion seamless with the ultimate private dining experience.

Malikah Carpenter, Chef Leek




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